Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Hey gang

Hi! I’m Dukerino! You might recognize me as the guy with the Double King avatar on Discord.
My real name is Alex. But there are a lot of Alexes in this hobby, haven’t you noticed, and there’s not a lot of Dukerinos. There’s a Skerples and if a guy named Skerples can be an elder statesman of the OSR, a guy named Dukerino can make an ill-advised blog, post on it four times, then abandon it to the dustiest bowels of the internet.

This is spooky bone business, a place where I’m going to post stuff that I make for my tabletop RPGs. You know. The games with the paper and the pencils and the dice. Also called “bones”. Now you’re seeing what I did with the title.

Pretty cool, right? Pretty clever. I’ll give you a few minutes to put me in your blogroll.

Ok. So these are the games I like the best, in no particular order:
·        B/X D&D
·        The Black Hack
·        Godbound
·        Shadow of the Demon Lord
·        Zweihander
·        Stars Without Number

Which does make it kind of weird that my first post is going to be a GLOG class, since I’ve never actually played it. But Micah wanted parasite race-as-classes, and I figured fuck it.
I’ll get an avatar and a background and all that squared away sometime soon.

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